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Symbiosis Krida Bhushan Award

While carrying out multifaceted sports activities, the organizers of the SPA came in contact with persons who have been deeply involved in the cause of the promotion of sports but their services are not recognized by any agency. Realising the need to recognize the services of such persons in promoting and propagating sports culture, the Symbiosis SPA, has instituted the Symbiosis Krida Bhushan Award in the year 2001. The award constitutes Rs. 21000/- cash, a scroll of honour and a memento. As far as possible the award is given to a person who has not received any award so far.

List of Awardees

Year Recipients Sports Discipline Chief Guests
2001 Mr. Hemant Jogdeo Indian Games / Journalist Dr. R.A.Mashelkar
  Mr. Ramesh Desai Tennis  
2002 Mrs. Arnavaz Damania  Hockey Mr. Avinash Wardekar
2003 Mr. Prahlad Sawant  Athletics Mr. Varma Sports Minister
2004 Col. S. A. Cruz Sports Medicine / Hockey Coach Mr. Suresh kalmadi
2005 Mr. P. R. Tulpule    Table Tennis Mrs. Kiran Bedi
2006 Mr. S. R. Mohite Industrial Sports Organizer Mr. Damania
2007 Mr. S.V.Natu Badminton Dr. Nitin karir
2008 Mr. Nandan Bal Tennis Mr. Prataprao Pawar
2009 Mr. Harischandra Birajdar Wrestling Mr. Sriniwas Patil
2010 Mr. Vishwajeet Kadam Footbaal Mr. Prithviraj Chavan,
Chief Minister,Maharashtra

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