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We, the proponent of Chessism solemnly pledge that we shall  imbibe the symbiotic spirit to maintain harmony among players, parents, officials, organizers, media and spectators,  for chess culture to flourish throughout the globe. 

                        May God help us!       



Chess, a classic game of strategy, was invented more than 1500 years ago in India. In the centuries since its invention, chess has spread to every country in the World. Research in the western countries has unfolded many interesting and encouraging facets related to chess education at the school level.
1. Chess accommodates all the modality strengths.

2. Chess provides a far greater range of problems for practice than many 
other games.

3. Chess offers immediate punishments and rewards for problem solving.

4. Chess creates a pattern of thinking that, when used faithfully, breeds success. The chess-playing students become accustomed to looking for more and different alternatives, which result in higher scores in fluency and originality.

5. Chess competition fosters interest, promotes mental alertness challenges all students, and elicits the highest level of achievement.

6. An environment around the game has a positive effect on studentsí attitudes towards learning. This effective dimension acts as a facilitator of cognitive achievement. The students, otherwise not willing to stay in one place for 15 minutes, spend hours quietly immersed in logical thinking.

7. Chess provides variety and quality problems. The contexts of the game are familiar, the themes repeat, but the game positions never do. This makes chess a good grist for the problem-solving mill.

Thus, through the medium of chess, a child learns critical thinking, problem solving, mental discipline, how to deal with winning and losing, and other skills which affect learning in the classroom. It is fun, whether played competitively or for recreation. It can be learned quickly and easily especially by children. In brief, chess can directly contribute to cognitive development and thereby academic performance of a child.

Keeping in view these advantages, Symbiosis Sports Centre has taken an affirmative step by evolving a unique program that would not only provide coaching but also simultaneously offer a certificate courses leading to a Junior Diploma in Chess.


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